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BTCE (Beijing Tianhai Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd) was founded in early 2008 and is an International operating company, which manufactures tanks and equipment for Liquid Industrial Gases, Liquid CO2 and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) with international qualified and experienced work force and wide range of machinery and equipment.

Our company has international certification and international operation management experience and a variety of equipment processing capacity, in the meantime we have an experienced r&d team in the field of cryogenic storage and transportation.

Our technical team consists of 15 people, including 11 engineers and 4 senior engineers. We use 3d software design to optimize the assembly and layout of internal and external pipes, valves, safety accessories, etc., of cryogenic storage and transportation equipment;

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Using the analysis software to carry out three-dimensional modeling of the products under special load conditions, and simulate the load conditions for checking, such as strength, fatigue, pipeline thermal stress, temperature field, etc.

We have 18 domestic cryogenic storage and transportation products and its manufacturing equipment patent technology. BTCE is certified according to ISO9001:2000; Chinese Pressure Vessel Code; AD2000-Merkblatt; European EN Code 97/23/EC PED and TPED/EC/ADR; Australian/New Zealand AS1210; Malaysia DOSH; ASME Code and other countries.


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The inspector is checking the safety valve

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The inspector is doing an elemental analysis of metal materials using a vacuum reading spectrometer

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The inspector is doing a tensile test

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The inspector is doing a tensile test

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The inspector is doing a hydrostatic test