IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) Container of 40-foot

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BTCE IMDG containers are designed for transport LOX, LIN, LAR, LNG, LCO2, LN2O, which can be transport by ship, rail and road. The containers are available ISO 20 foot and ISO 40 foot with super insulation.

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BTCE IMDG containers designed for transporting LNG, LC2H2, LC3H6 can be transport by ship, rail and road. The containers are available ISO 40-foot with super insulation.
Product features:
■ Unique internal structural design, outstanding thermal insulation performance, long-distance transport;
■ Seamless docking with standard chassis;
■ Remoting different parameters, reducing operation cost and improving efficiency;
■ GB, ASME, AS1210, EN13530 and other relevant domestic and foreign standards with larger volume and a lower weight, easy to operation;
■ Comply with IMDG, ADR, RID and other international requirements suitable for global multimode transportation;
■ The BV, CCS or other relevant requirements for the inspection and certification of products.
■ The valve operating system is compact in structure, easy to operate and maintain, and humanized in design;
■ A number of invention patent application in tin box products, such as high voltage equipment sealed tube patent no. : ZL 2020 2 2029813.7

Model Gross Volume(m3) Tare weight(kg) Max .Gross weight (kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height(mm) MAWP(MPa)
CC-40FT-9 45.4 12750 36000 12192 2438 2591 0.8
CC-40FT-16 44 13000 1.6

Special design is available for all models on special request. Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.

The LNG tanks of our company are characterized by a wide range of transportation modes and strong deployment adaptability, which can be extended to railway, highway, waterway and other transportation fields, realizing "door-to-door" gas supply between receiving stations and end users, and opening flexible delivery mode for small and medium-sized LNG import trade.

In terms of safety, the LNG tank container produced by our company has been tested by professional institutions for many times. The overall structure is firm and reliable, and the liquid in the tank will not have any volatilization emission within 90 days, which can effectively reduce the risk of traditional transportation and greatly improve the transportation efficiency.

Beijing Tianhai Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd. has a technical team of 30 people, which can independently complete the product design of cryogenic pressure vessels such as tanks, as well as the finite element analysis and design, temperature difference stress, pipeline thermal stress analysis, 3D modeling, electrical design and other work. Nearly 20 technical and inspection personnel have been working for more than 10 years. And has a good relationship with CCS, BV, DNV, ABS, LR and other classification societies.

Our company has a professional tank container production line, which can design and manufacture 40-foot LNG tank products with an annual output of more than 2000 sets. Meanwhile, in order to meet the needs of global users, our company provides corresponding standard LNG tank products for consumers in different regions, and sets up after-sales service system worldwide. To ensure that consumers in the first time to get after-sales service protection. We will provide the best service to meet all your needs!

Flow chart of 40 'LNG tank

ghsdf (8)

A large number of 40-foot LNG tanks have been shipped for overseas transportation of LNG

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ghsdf (6)

40-foot LNG tank receives LNG refueling at a LNG terminal in Japan

ghsdf (5)

The 40-foot LNG tank is ready for ship in the plant tank area

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