LNG/ L-CNG Filling Station

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BTCE LNG filling stations are designed for filling LNG to Vehicles.

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BTCE LNG filling stations are designed for filling LNG to Vehicles.
Product features:
■ Stable filling, accurate measurement and low loss;
■ Low operation costs, easy to relocate, fully automatic operations;
■ Independent control system and high safety;
■ Simple and compact structure and short construction period;

LNG is unloaded into LNG storage tank from LNG tanker, after regulated pressure, filled into LNG vehicle by LNG dispenser at LNG filling station.
Main Equipment:
LNG storage tank, LNG pump, unload/pressure vaporizer, EAG heater, LNG dispenser, process pipelines, valves and management system etc.
Process Flow:
LNG Station: LNG storage tank, LNG pump skid, LNG dispenser and other station control systems are mounted in LNG station respectively to refuel LNG vehicles.

LNG Pump Skid:
LNG pump skid is that LNG cryogenic pump, pump tank, vaporizer, vacuum pipelines, valves etc. are mounted on skid with unload, pressure adjustment, refuel functions, All of valves are controlled by the PLC, unloading and refueling at same time, pump tank without frost.

LNG Pump skid

LNG Station Management System:
LNG station management system includes sensors, transducers, solenoid valves, PLC cabinet, alarms and industrial computer, etc.
Monitoring and management for LNG storage tank, cryogenic pump, process valves and dispensers.
Automatic switch and control for operating code among unloading, pressure adjustment, gas filling, standby and so on.
Data collection, inquiry, storage reports form printing.
Alarm and faults diagnosing.

LNG Station
LNG Station

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