Manufacturing Equipment

Rolling machine
The maximum size is 2500mm*18000mm*25mm

Sloping equipment
The maximum plate size of bevelling is 2500mm*13000mm*30mm

Longitudinal seam welding: maximum welding plate thickness is 30mm.

Circular seam welding equipment (The maximum welding size is ø 5800mm* 3000mm *30mm, and the length of the welding arm of the circular seam welder is 12m)

Circular seam plasma welding equipment:( The plasma welding machine has a good forming effect and can greatly improve the welding quality. The circular seam plasma welding machine is suitable for the products with the external size of ø 3200mm*13000mm and the plate thickness of 5 to 10mm)

Container stuffing line

The inspector is carrying out a hydrostatic test

Hydro test area

Leak detection equipment, vacuum heating equipment, drying room, perlite firing equipment
Leakage detection equipment: the minimum leakage point is 10-9 Pa·m3/s

Flow detection, hydro test, winding room
Weld ray inspection: suitable for ø 3800mm*17000mm products

Painting room, inspection test related photos, stock area
Painting room

Winding room: temperature and humidity are controlled, and the maximum size of wrapping is ø 4000mm*18000mm.

Drying room: maximum drying size: ø 3200mm*13500mm. Using the drying room can effectively remove the water in the interlayer of the tank, so that the vacuum effect is faster.

Stock area

Vacuum extraction equipment

Evacuated heating zone

Evacuated heating zone