VTC/HTC Series Standardized CO2 Storage Tanks

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BTCE VTC or HTC Series standardized CO2 storage tanks are designed for Liquefied Carbon Dioxide or Nitrous Oxide, which are vertical (VTC), or horizontal(HTC) with vacuum perlite insulation.

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BTCE VTC or HTC Series standardized CO2 storage tanks are designed for Liquefied Carbon Dioxide or Nitrous Oxide, which are vertical (VTC), or horizontal(HTC) with vacuum perlite insulation. The tanks are available with capacities from 5m3 to 100m3with maximum allowable working pressure of 22bar to 25bar with stainless steel inner vessel and designed according to Chinese code, AD2000-Merkblatt, EN code and 97/23/EC PED (Pressure Equipment Directive),ASME code, Australia/New Zealand AS1210 etc.
■ Proprietary insulation layer support structure design, minimize the heat transfer to reduce the daily evaporation rate, and can withstand severe earthquake load, has won the national patent (patent Number: ZL200820107912.9);
■ The outer container is made of carbon steel, and the places that are easy to damage the paint in lifting, transportation and operation are protected by stainless steel material to ensure the service life and beauty of the paint;
■ All pipeline outlet plates are made of stainless steel, which can prevent the pipeline freezing shell from low temperature brittle crack and damage the paint during use.
■ Optimized perlite filling and insulation material winding process to ensure better insulation effect of insulation layer;
■ The valve operating system is compact and easy to operate and maintain;
■ Valves connected with vacuum are all imported parts to ensure vacuum life and reliability;
■ The outer surface of the tank is sandblasted and sprayed with HEMPEL white epoxy paint for longer life and aesthetics, reduced radiation heat transfer and reduced daily evaporation.
■ If customers have high requirements for the purity of storage media, special treatment shall be carried out during the product manufacturing and inspection process.

Model Gross Volume(m3) Net Volume(m3) Height or length(m) Diameter(m) NER CO²(%capacity/day) MAWP(MPa)
VTC or HTC 10 10.6 10 6.02 2.2 0.7 2.2~2.5
VTC or HTC 15 15.8 15 8.12 0.5
VTC or HTC 20 21.1 20 10.2
VTC or HTC 30 31.6 30 11 2.5 0.4
VTC or HTC 40 40 38 9.9 3.0
VTC or HTC 50 50 47.5 11.3 0.3
VTC or HTC 100 100 95 17 3.6

Special design is available for all models on special request. Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice. VTC- Vertical, HTC- Horizontal

The products of our company adopt unique internal insulation structure design and advanced vacuumizing technology, which can ensure the long vacuum life of the storage tank. Innovative modular piping system ensures the static evaporation rate of storage tanks is better than the industry standard. In addition to using conventional materials, strain strengthening technology independently developed by the company has been selected as the national standard. Since 2008, our company has been committed to industrial gas storage tank products manufacturing work, and domestic and foreign enterprises to complete a large number of orders. In order to meet the subsequent greater market demand, our company is also constantly improving its own production capacity.

In the second half of 2017, in order to improve the delivery capacity of industrial gas products, we added some production equipment, including crowning crane, cantilever crane, winding line, set line, rotary welding line, etc., to optimize the production process and process, improve the delivery capacity at the same time, making the product quality more stable and reliable. Up to now, the production line capacity is 6 units per day, and the annual output of 30m3 of industrial gas storage tanks is more than 2,000 units.

Carbon dioxide is special media. It may form into solid phase(dry ice) if the pressure over the liquid is allowed to drop below 0.48Mpa. Pressure in the container must be maintained above this value to insure solid CO2 will bot form inside the container. Before performing maintenance, components must be isolated and depressurized, or the contents must be transferred to another container so that the container pressure can be released. In addition to avoid irreparable damage to the structure of the tank, an internal tank pressure no less than 1.4MPa must be maintained at all the times. So these factors decide the flow and structure of LCO2 tank is different from LIN, LAR, LOX media tank.

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