Beijing Tianhai Cryogenic 12 LNG storage tanks help Hebei Zaoqiang LNG peak shaving storage station

In the winter of 2017, many areas in northern my country experienced a “gas shortage” situation. In view of this, in 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the “Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Gas Storage Facilities and Improving the Gas Storage Peak Shaving Auxiliary Service Market Mechanism” (Referred to as the “Opinions”), which clarifies the responsibilities and obligations of the government, gas supply companies, urban gas companies and other related parties for gas storage peak shaving. In order to speed up the construction of gas storage facilities, the “Opinions” draw a “red line” for the gas storage capacity of all parties. By 2020, gas supply companies must have a gas storage capacity of not less than 10% of their contracted annual sales volume, and urban gas companies must have a gas storage capacity of not less than 5% of their annual gas consumption. At the same time, local people’s governments at or above the county level At least the formation of a gas storage capacity not less than the guarantee of the average daily demand of the administrative region for 3 days

In response to the national policy, in mid-August 2019, Beijing Tianhai Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the 12 150m³ peak shaving storage station project of Hebei Zaoqiang Zhongmu. This project has a LNG storage capacity of 1,800m³, which is the largest peak shaving capacity in 2019. One of the reserve stations. Since then, another solid step has been taken towards the goal of “gasifying Hebei”.


The LNG emergency peaking station usually stores LNG, and realizes gasification and transmission when the gas is used in the pipeline network during peak hours. It is commonly equipped with LNG cryogenic storage tanks, vaporizers, pressure regulating and metering skids, etc., of which LNG storage tanks are the most in emergency peaking stations. One of the key equipment.

The 12 150m³ storage tanks this time were all manufactured and provided by Beijing Tianhai Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd. The stored liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be used as emergency reserves and natural gas peak shaving in winter, which can effectively alleviate the shortage of natural gas during the peak of local gas consumption in winter. With the rapid economic development and the country’s emphasis on environmental protection, the demand for natural gas is increasing day by day. my country has ushered in a new era of LNG development. How to do a good job in LNG emergency peak shaving stations has become a new issue we face.


Beijing Tianhai Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd. is an international manufacturer specializing in the production of large-scale liquefied air, liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquid carbon dioxide and other cryogenic storage and transportation equipment. Its products also include various cryogenic tank containers and marine LNG cryogenic storage Tanks, and has a wealth of performance and product production experience in tank boxes and marine tanks. The annual production capacity can achieve more than 2500 storage tanks of various specifications. The company has international certification and international operation management experience and a wide range of equipment processing capabilities; it can manufacture high-quality products in accordance with domestic and foreign standards.


Beijing Tianhai Cryogenic Co., Ltd. can produce fixed storage tanks ranging from 1m³ to 500m³. Ensure to resolutely respond and support the country’s determination to establish a reserve peak shaving station! Accelerate the promotion of gas-to-coal and industrial and commercial coal-to-gas projects to make contributions to the realization of the blue water and blue sky of the motherland.


Providing customers with excellent products and high-quality services is the purpose of Beijing Tianhai Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd., and continuous improvement to meet user expectations is the work goal of Beijing Tianhai Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Post time: Jun-02-2021