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BTCE super large tanks are designed for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, LCO2, which are vertical or horizontal with vacuum perlite insulation or super insulation.

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BTCE super large tanks are designed for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, LCO2, which are vertical or horizontal with vacuum perlite insulation or super insulation. The serial super large storage tanks are available with capacities from 150 m3 to 500m3with maximum allowable working pressure from 2 to 35 bar and designed according to Chinese code, AD2000-Merkblatt, EN code 97/23/EC PED (Pressure Equipment Directive),ASME code, Australia/New Zealand AS1210 etc.
■ Proprietary insulation and support structure design to minimize heat transfer to reduce daily evaporation rate;
■ Adoption of strain strengthening technology,saving 30% of stainless
■ Large vertical tank support using the most safe skirt form and consider transportation and lifting set up a special lug;
■ The outer vessel is made of carbon steel and stainless steel material is used to protect the places where the paint is easy to be damaged during lifting, transportation and operation to ensure the service life and beauty of the paint.
■ All pipeline outlet plates are made of stainless steel to prevent low temperature brittle cracking and damage to paint caused by freezing of pipeline shell during use.
■ Optimized pearlite sand filling and insulation material winding process to ensure better insulation effect of insulation layer.
■ The valve operating system is compact and easy to operate and maintain。
■ All valves connected with vacuum adopt imported parts to ensure vacuum life and reliability。
■ The outer surface of the storage tank is sandblasted with a high level of HEMPEL white epoxy paint to provide longer life and aesthetic appearance, reduce radiation heat transfer and reduce daily evaporation

Model Gross Volume(m3) Net Volume(m3) Height or length(m) Diameter(m) NER L O2(capacity/day) MAWP(MPa)
150 150 147 18 3.9 0.15 0.2~3.5
200 200 196 23 0.13
250 250 245 24 4.5 0.12
300 300 294 28 0.11
350 350 343 32
400 400 392 30 4.8
500 500 490 37

Special design is available for all models on special request. Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice

In the production of super large tanks, we have very mature experience. Our company was established in 2008, and In 2009, we began to produce 3 units of 200 m3 storage tanks for a hospital. The medium is hospital oxygen. So far, the working condition of these three tanks is still very good, and we has not received any quality feedback. In the following years, we continued to produce 200m3 and 250 m3 tanks with different media from liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide to LNG.

With the boom of the LNG market in China, the market demand for super large LNG storage tanks is also increasing, so we have quite mature technical experience in the production of this product. In 2018, we also produced a 300 m3, 8bar tank for the Malaysian customer. The tank is 29 meters in length, 4.3 meters in diameter and weighs 92 tons. This tank will be used to provide oxygen to hospitals in Malaysia. Therefore, this storage tank is a great challenge to the company's production, freight and product quality.

Four months later, with the efforts of all the staff, the tank finally arrived in Malaysia smoothly as scheduled. The production and delivery of this tank has greatly increased our confidence in producing high quality super large tanks and we believe that we will receive orders for larger products in the future.

LNG peak shaving station
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200 m3 liquid nitrogen tanks in the air separation plant

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300m3 liquid oxygen tanks for shipment and after installation on site

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